Thank You, Feminism

23 04 2008

Those of you reading the surrounding material might wonder why I’ve chosen a title such as this. The default assumption would be the usual sarcasm found in less civilized non-feminist or anti-feminist blogs. But that’s not case. I do think that feminism has brought us something of worth: the ability to analyze how one’s gender pertains to their treatment. Because of feminism popularizing the concept of gender issues through its focus on women, it has likewise resulted in our taking upon this gender-based focus to the topic of the male sex. And not just in feminism’s attempt to appeal to men’s issues, but for men to spark their own political consciousness independent of feminism. Feminism taught us to analyze the experiences of men as it pertains to them as men, and look at these experiences from the same angle feminists looked at the experiences of women.

Thanks to feminism, we are now able to identify instances of misandry and discrimination against men. Thanks to feminism, we are now able to recognize ways in which society disadvantages males and privileges females. Thanks to feminism, we are now able to apply a critical analysis to aspects of society from a distinctly male point of view, exposing how they portray and effect men. Thanks to feminism, we are now able to theorize the systematic oppression of men in a matriarchal society.

Of course, this is all in the realm of theory, much like feminism. Which is why I am not a mascul(in)ist in addition to being a non-feminist. But if women are going to have their own political consciousness, then so should men. If women are going to publish material and engage in activism designed to gravitate society towards their own interests, then so should men. Feminists clamored for equality, that they could do all that men had done. Well, now it is time for men to partake in that same equality, doing what women have done in the field of self-serving gender philosophy.

Hopefully, once these two sides have acclaimed understanding in the minds of society, we will begin to see just how many-sided the issue of gender really is, and finally reject such biased philosophies in the transcendental adoption of more open-minded understandings of gender. Despite the damage it has invariably done, we can still thank feminism for helping to inspire the holistic views of gender that will help us repair such damage.




One response

18 05 2009
Bob the Chef

What feminism does is attempt to ignore intrinsic differences in the male and female sexes, and attempts to formulate and dismiss all acknowledgments of differences as some kind of oppression. It is the hallmark of unstable minds a la Virginia Wolfe. It is a subconscious desire to suppress one’s natural desires and tendencies, and is as futile as the Victorian prudishness. Interestingly it is the prudish Anglo-Saxon societies which has been the most receptive to the feminist ideology.

It is important to realize that both sexes have masculine and feminine qualities, but what makes men Men is a the dominance of masculinity, and what makes women Women is the dominance of femininity. Femininity is complementary to masculinity, and thus implies a difference. One does not want what one already has, and so equating the two is stupid. As such, each sex is predisposed to certain behaviors (prehistoric man demonstrates universally the same division of labor across the board). The question you haven’t answered for yourself is what the division is, whether the behaviors displayed by each sex are perfective, consonant of their respective sexes.

Btw, I don’t understand what you mean by a “holistic” understanding of gender. Seems a little hand wavy to me. I attribute much of the gender confusion today to several factors, possibly hormonal, but largely psychological, and in the case of men, partly caused by shame induced by feminist derision of the male sex.

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